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Olivia Sanchez Gallery


Olivia Sanchez - Is Formal Pornstar, Olivia has slept with almost EVERYONE in the Dolls and Figures franchise. And if she hasn't, she will come to your house and rape you personally just to keep her scoring record clean. Tis why are her cleavage is so damn enormous.

- She is also our Very First OOAK Doll that got us into the Doll World -

2 files, last one added on Feb 05, 2014

Ricku Hikari's Gallery


Ricku Bio: A nudist and a home maker. Ricku is the most submissive Doll out of them all. She is very motherly and friendly and can get along with almost anyone. However though, it seems she has a personality disorder form switching to incredibly submissive to dominant. When she was in this form, she served in the G.I. Hoe Military as a defense. She will only take on this form when she is provoke. And she can be on tough bitch to crack. Best case scenario, don't piss her off! She also has the hottest Artistic nude gallery hidden away in her keeps.

1 files, last one added on Sep 14, 2013

Mimi Nookie's Gallery

- Mimi Nookie's Biography -
Is an Evil Demon that feeds off of desire. Mimi loves being around group orgies she was born from hell and has lived most of her life as sexual fantasy. Most of the things she likes are quite gruesome and disturbing. She is HIGHLY into bondage type things.

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Lucy Storm's Gallery

- Lucy Storm Biography -
Is the cousin of Monica Storm. She is a business women loyal to Devilock. Lucy works as a seductive secretary and when she is off from work, she is off gathering personal information and intel about her cousin Monica. Lucy is into Politics and the news feed. She comes across Varkeo later on and joins him when she leaves Devilock in the far future in the Reboots.

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Rose Bailey's Gallery

Rose Bailey Kooze - Is the Sister of Varkeo, she wants to marry her brother and carry out the Vampire way of Tradition which is incest. It is taboo to date outside your family tree in Vampire Culture.

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Varkeo's Kooze's Gallery


Varkeo Eseya Kooze - A Vampire male photographer who's goal is to have all the models in his possession. Varkeo wants to be taboo and marry a doll outside of his family tree. His goal is to obtain many models he can find to gain the ultimate poularity.

1 files, last one added on Sep 04, 2013

Lucifer Devilock's Gallery

Lucifer Devilock - Owner of Devilock corp and founder of DollsandFigures. He is sinister and evil and likes to
torture his models as slaves by making them participate in nude catfights while the figures watch on in excitement.

0 files

Krystal Lockhart's Gallery

- Krystal Lockhart's Biography -
Krystal is the Mother of Joy and Cherry. She is also an incredibly attractive model with piercing eyes. Krystal almost always is never around, her goal is to find her lost husband "Leviathan" and her youngest dear daughter "Sunny" who has some strange disabilities. Her goal is to complete her family as she continues searching for them.

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June Luc's Gallery


- June's Biography -
A Seductive Android Created by Varkeo and After the J-Doll Girls where destroyed, June was created by the enterprise and was adopted by Varkeo as her father. She was created to satisfy those are single who yarn for love but she she ends up taking a different route by satisfying herself

3 files, last one added on Jan 30, 2014

Spice Sanchez's Gallery


- Spice Biography -
She is Varkeo's Ex girlfriend. She is an ass kicking tomboy who has a fetish for guns and even the though she is a doll, she considers herself more as a figurine. She is into watching sports, playing video games, and working out. Spice is always on the go. When ever there is game night she is there with the guys playing some shooter games. Word has it she is a big halo fan.

2 files, last one added on Feb 05, 2014

Luna Mizu's Gallery


- Luna Mizu's Biography -
Is Spice's Dead Sister with half of Vark's soul trap inside and the other half her own. Vark controls her body allowing him to be at two places at once. She was killed by Lucifer Devilock when he over threw her Dolls and Figures Franchez she was putting together. Later on Vark turns her into a very attractive model to help her get the fame she lost back up.

3 files, last one added on Jan 30, 2014

Neptune Galaxia's Gallery


Neptune is a shape shifter who can take on the form of many Dolls and Figures was paid to do some dirty work undercover for the FBI and Government. The more people found out about her, the more it ruined her reputation her goal was to please everyone and ended up displeasing herself in the end. Neptune then realized that they were only using her for her natural abilities and skills. Neptune changed her image around and started being her true self instead of mimicking others.

1 files, last one added on Sep 04, 2013

Nono Pink's Gallery

- Nono Pink's Biography -
Was a pink haired Genie Girl who was freed sometime ago, she still lives in her life inside of a genie bottle taking pictures of herself on her I phone and her mac. Nono is the only doll that can be both sexes. She likes to eat a TON of sweets and candy. Some say she is the daughter to that Fat Majin Boo straight from Dragon Ball Z.

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Dolls and Figures

Dolls Getting Together with Figures.

0 files


Random Scenes and Events that happened throughout my Doll World.

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Dolls For Dolls


-Dolls For Dolls -
Dolls getting Intimate with other Dolls.
(Male or Female)

3 files, last one added on Sep 14, 2013

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Random files - Varkeo's Gallery
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Queen Olivia the Queen of my Small Dolls and the Oldest of them all.
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News Flash Cherry's Booty - By Varkeo22 viewsModel - Cherry
Spice on Demand by Varkeo87 viewsModel - Spice
Red Heads Unstoppable!
Adultry - By Varkeo240 viewsModels - Krystal and Monica
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Drop it like it's Hot! - By Varkeo93 views-Model June -
Fantasia 475 - By Varkeo60 viewsModel - Fantasia

Last additions - Varkeo's Gallery
News Flash Cherry's Booty - By Varkeo22 viewsModel - CherryJan 15, 2015
Cherry Cherry By Varkeo26 viewsModel - CherryJan 15, 2015
Naomi Ftw - By Varkeo26 viewsModel - NaomiJan 15, 2015
Naomi Ftw by Varkeo23 viewsModel - NaomiJan 15, 2015
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