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Yoshe looks in the mirror...278 viewsYoshe wanted to see for herself how her Nipple touch-up went.
Wrap up on doing Nipple / lip touch-ups.300 viewsYoshe was just adding some final words about the touch-up proceedure.
BOOBIES!!!!396 viewsYo lets out the traditional cheer that is usually said in the chatroom!!
Prepping for gluing.JPG
Sil-Poxy tube pic.277 viewsSmooth-On Corp & Abyss sell Sil-Poxy clear silicone adhesive which is great for fixing tears and attaching things, but it isn't that great for using as a sealer for
mixing with Naphtha or D' limeonene. It dries too quick for wanting to take your time with applying the clearcoat mixture and I heard that it dries with a Matte
(Rough) finish. Abyss sells the Sil-Poxy in packets now instead of the mini-tubes.
I would try to find some clear silicone adhesive that is NOT quick drying to use for
your clearcoat
Photo of VM&P Naphtha.247 viewsI use the Naphtha to thin out the clear silicone adhesive in order to be able to apply it by soft bristle brush to the make-up coated areas to seal it in. D' limeonene is safer to use to mix with the silicone adhesive, but will take longer to dry. SPECIAL NOTE!!!! Make sure your sealed areas are COMPLETELY DRY before using your mouth (Oral) on these areas.
Getting the clearcoat made.360 viewsThis pic shows the silicone adhesive in a small mixing container waiting for either Naphtha Spirits or D' limeonene to be added. A shotglass makes a great container for mixing small amounts.
Mixing the adhesive / Naphtha (Or D' Limeonene...) together...341 viewsThis pic shows how to mix together the adhesive / Naphtha spirits (Or D' limeonene...) together and how the consistancy should be for applying.
Applying the Clearcoat mixture...470 viewsA pic showing how to gently apply the Clearcoat to seal in the dry powder make-up.
Clearcoat applied.422 viewsPic showing what Yo's nipples looked like right after the Clearcoat was applied. It took around 4 to 6 hours before the Clearcoat became tacky in case Yo needed moving around. It took a good two weeks before the Clearcoat was pretty much dried. Times may depend on temperature and humidity conditions.
Can I see??472 viewsYoshe very much wanted to see how I did on her Nipple touch-up!!
Pic of equipment needed for the Nipple or Lip touch-up...427 viewsThis is a pic of most of the stuff you'll need to do touch-ups on a silicone doll's Nipples and / or Lips. The powder (Pigment...) in the containers are for Nipple touch-ups and came from Abyss Creations. Abyss has kits you can order for doing such repairs or you can go buy dry make-up powders also. NOTE... You can also use D' Limeonene to mix with the Silicone Adhesive also later on.
Applying the dry make-up powder (Pigment...)...464 viewsThis pic shows how to apply the dry Make-Up powder (pigment) to Yoshe's Nipples. Take your time and DO NOT clump the powder on!! It will distort and could run when the Clearcoat is applied.
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