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Last additions - litlluvr
All 12 Idolmaster girls found !!105 viewsWell there's actually 13 girls in the pic, but the girl on the far left is an older version of Shijou Takane who is also in the middle of the line up.
Shijou is known for her long, silver, flowing hair. There's also two other girls that I could add to the group, but they aren't really considered part of the main group of girls.
Jun 06, 2017
The Idolmaster Girls In Their Brilliant Stage Lavender, White, Grey, Black Outfits.78 viewsWhen I started to try to collect all the original Idolmaster Girls, I was trying to get them in their Brillant Stage outfits that had lavender, white, grey, and black as the primary colors. I could find only seven of the girls in those outfits. Wish I knew why Megahouse (The manufacturer...) didn't make all the girls in those colors.Jun 06, 2017
Android 18 (First Version...) by Megahouse.84 viewsSaw this figurine of Android 18 from the anime series Dragonball Z Kai while at the 2016 Anime-Expo.
She finally went on sale and I got her!
Jun 06, 2017
Android 18 Figurine By Megahouse.102 viewsLooks like Megahouse came out with another figurine of Android 18 from the series Dragonball Z Kai !Jun 06, 2017
Chihaya Kisaragi & Shijou Takane Yukata figurines77 viewsVery much wanted the Shijou Takane Yukata figurine with the parasol and was able to find it along with the Chihaya Kisaragi figurine while at the L.A. Anime-Expo.Sep 05, 2016
Hibiki Ganaha Figurine from Megahouse.74 viewsI was lucky enough to find this figurine of Hibiki Ganaha while shopping around the Anime-Expo in L.A. The Idolmaster "Brilliant Stage" line of figurines by Megahouse are becomming rare to find since this line was introduced about 4-5 years ago.Sep 05, 2016
Tamaki Kousaka Figurine.100 viewsI found this version of Tamaki Kousaka for sale at Anime Jungle in L.A. She comes with a nice, soft pillow (Mat...) so she can pose on it.Sep 05, 2016
Figurines from Monster Hunter & Bleach.87 viewsI found the Female warrior figurine while shopping at a small Japanese themed store at a mall near me. She's from the series Monster Hunter. While at the Anime-Expo in L.A. I picked up a Rangiku Matsumoto & Orihime Inoyue figurine with Noichi in her cat form from the series Bleach!Sep 05, 2016
Shijou Takane Figurine From Phat Co.87 viewsThis figurine of Shijou Takane by Phat Co was almost like trying to find a needle in a haystack !! Two vendors from California couldn't get her in stock. I finally had to rely on Amazon.Com to finally get her.Sep 05, 2016
Mary Elizabeth Mc Glynn & Steve Blum...65 viewsMary Elizabeth Mc Glynn did the voice of Julia in Cowboy Bebop, Major Motoko Kusinagi in Ghost In The Shell, and she ALSO directed in Cowboy Bebop we found out during the event. Steve Blum did the voice of Spike Spiegel and is very well known for other characters he's done in the anime world. He also makes appearences on Toonami's Pre-Flight online show.

We also found out that him & Mary are now partners in real life !!
Aug 01, 2016
Wendi Lee, Beau Billingslea, Melissa Fahn from Cowboy Bebop...63 viewsWendi Lee (Left...) did the voice of Faye Valentine in Cowboy Bebop and is very well known for other animes. Beau Billingslea (Center...) did the voice of Jet Black in Bebop and also has other credits to his name. Melissa Fahn (Right...) did the voice of Ed in Bebop. Melissa didn't alter her voice any (Raise or lower it...) while talking about her role in Bebop. She sounds just like Ed !!Aug 01, 2016
Closing (Epillog...) shot of Anime-Expo...41 viewsThe day right after the expo, we decided to get breakfast at a location right near the Convention Center. I took this pic of the West Hall entrance showing that the expo was definetly over for this year. No more crowds, cosplayers, etc for this year. It was a fantastic expo for 2016!! Aug 01, 2016
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