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labia insert 5 of 10110 viewsThis part is a bit tricky. As you can see here I made 3 "castings" but only one is needed per insert.
put a glob of nearly cured silicone in the fold of the rubber and let it spread into an oval shape or tear drop shape. then with a toothpick (coated with dish soap) place into one end of the glob.
I used wire to help hold the toothpick in place. set this aside to cure. This will eventually be the upper part of the insert (the urethra)
17 Sunshine portrait.jpg
153 viewsThe swallow, in Egyptian mythology, is a symbol of new love. Coincidentally, her birdie tattoo is a swallow with two hearts in its beak. I would cry tears of joy, were it not for the low humidity in this old barn house (wood furnaces have that effect). They just evaporate.
Nail polish remover68 viewsAcetone-based for cleaning inside of tears.
Non-acetone for changing the nail polish
without harming the detail of the hand.
Microfiber cleaning cloth57 viewsLint-free for cleaning the inside of the tears.
602 viewsAnna's compression tears
c@j in shelby.jpg
76 viewsGet out of my car girls your going to tear something up. OHHH GG you care more about your car than us dont you?
dar dar.jpg
Daria's Hot New Top259 viewsI put the lip color on too heavy this time. You might also notice where the finish has worn off her nose and chin from daily kissing and nose rubs. Daria gets a lot of attention. The more she does for me, the more I have to do for her - the wear and tear incured by love making is repaid by the hard work of periodically repairing her. Perhaps a thin layer of clear silicone, made porous with the dabbing of a brush prior to curing, would approximate the matte finish. After about 7 months of loving, her chin and the tip of her nose have turned shiny. Also, she's due for a new wig. Despite my best efforts at combing, the wig has progressively become matted. Its been my observation that long wigs are better for when shes on the stand, but a short wig would be more practical when sharing a bed or having sex - the hair primarily entangles as a consequence of getting sinusoidally gyrated between the back of the head and the mattress when she's on her back.
Left foot145 viewsThe common stress tear to the foot.
Left leg148 viewsTiny tear on the under-side of the knee
eventually wrapped completely around.
Right leg175 viewsIronically, this vertical tear started before the
horizontal left leg tear. Must have prevented
side-to-side tear by eliminating some tension.
Tired...305 viewsHead needs supported by the pillow or it will tear
completely at the neck, but supporting the breasts
is a waste of time. Obviously, these will be a priority.
Closing the foot85 viewsSecond day... silicone added closer to the outside of tear.
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